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The Band

The Captain of the Funhouse crew hard at ‘work’

FUNHOUSE are a mature band with an average age of…..well….big numbers are scary so why bother! Being on the road with FUNHOUSE is like a night out with your best mates and the clue to what we do can be found in our name: we have FUN in the HOUSE wherever we go! If you can’t groove to SKA then you’re either deaf, daft or dead!

“Funhouse is a wonderful collection of talented, open minded, creative and imaginative musicians; and with our talent, intelligence and good looks, we’re gonna make it BIG!” - Funhouse.


Steve  “The Captain” – Piano, Hammond, Synth & Vocals.

Crisie  “The Pacemaker” – Snare & Vocals.

Ger “T-Bone” – Trombone & Percussion & Vocals.

Mitch “the Councillor” – Bass, double bass & Vocals

Pete “the Feet” – Sax & Percussion & Vocals.

Matt “Miles of Smiles” – Guitar & Vocals.

Thanks to illustrious former members:

Rich “The Honeydripper” – Trumpet & Vocals now with Special Brew.

Jim Davies – Guitar & Vocals now leading The Shopgirls.

Lenny” Lenahan – Drums & Vocals.

Jeff “Pappa H” – Guitar & Vocals.

The Reverend” Kenny  – Bass & Vocals.

Tony “Drums Bond” – Percussion & Drums.

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