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Feeling down? Want some SUNSHINE, JOY and FUN back into your life? Then our ‘Magic Carpet Ride’ album of 12 thumpingly original songs is available on CD or you can download an MP3 version of the album or download individual tracks.

Click to sample an album track: Magic Carpet Ride

The CD features bright design, iconic artwork and great photography. For the price of a few drinks ‘Magic Carpet Ride’ will grace your album collection for years to come! Forget the prozac, listen to FUNHOUSE instead! Ska is Life is FUNHOUSE!

01. Magic Carpet Ride

02. Jamie’s Bar in Thailand

03. Soma

04. I’ve Come Here For You

05. Weather or Not

06. Cossack Ska

07. I Wanna Hold You

08. Candyman

09. Queen of Hearts

10. Modern Man

11. Pete’s Feet

12. Days Not Over

Click for MP3 download from 7Digital Indiestore

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